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we are the hollow men

we are the stuffed men

The Archangel Maja
1 August
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42nd street, aladdin, american gods, angels, aragorn, art, artemis fowl, asterix, beauty and the beast, beezie, books, brian jacques, broadway, calvin & hobbes, captain jack sparrow, cats, cello, chicken, chocolate, christian rock, comedy, computers, demons, desperatefans, diane duane, disney, dracula, dvd, dvorak, elves, enchanted forest chronicles, enjolras, eoin colfer, eomer, evanescence, fan fiction, fanfiction, faramir, fleetwood mac, foxtrot, french, garfield, gel pens, god, godspell, good omens, greek mythology, handel, hard rock cafe, harry potter, hotel california, icons, insideout, jk rowling, johnny depp, josh groban, jrr tolkien, julius caesar, kiss me kate, languages, legolas, lemony snicket, les miserables, linkin park, literature, lord of the rings, marquis de carabas, mephistophelean appurtenances, monty python, moulin rouge, mozart, much ado about nothing, music, musicals, mythology, neil gaiman, neverwhere, oscar wilde, patricia c wrede, pendragon, phantom of the opera, philosophy, pins, pirates, pirates of the carribean, reading, redwall, remus lupin, rent, roger bart, roleplay, romeo and juliet, saint-saens, serbia, serbian, shakespeare, sirius black, skiing, snapple, snapple peach iced tea, snowboarding, sonicflood, special agent pendergast, stardust, stuffed animals, taming of the shrew, tamora pierce, tea, tea parties with mephisto, terry pratchett, the lion king, the plaza, the princess bride, the producers, the scarlet pimpernel, theatre, tony vincent, turkey: the otp, west side story, writing, writing letters, yo-yo ma